Avoiding Foaming - Cindy Not Included.


Posted Aug. 7, 2015, 10:03 p.m. By cindy

Sometimes you just have one of those days, when nothing is quite what you want it to be, and nothing goes according to your plan. Everybody knows what ther are like, otherwise they wouldn´t be called "one of those days". I find it interesting how so much that you can´t affect yourself goes bad on such days. Some people call it bad luck, but that´s not how I would define it. Like, why does the jam jar end up on the flor, top down without the lid on, that particular day? Well, it´s either that you are absentminded and accidently push it over becaus of the bad day, or this is what starts your bad day. Those days are often marked by clumsyness, not bad luck.